Azel Technologies
DIGIT-STAT Temperature Gauge

The microprocessor-based, AZEL Technologies Digital Temperature gauge DS-60 represents the “next generation” in temperature gauge industries. The bold, hi-contrast LCD display ensures accurate temperature reading to the tenth degree and can be easily read from greater distances than the typical mechanical temperature gauge.

DS-60 replaces two mechanical temperature gauges as it can centralize the readings in one spot and simultaneously display the accurate temperatures of supply and return piping on a hydronic heating system. In addition, the solid state temperature sensor probe can be extended up to several hundred feets. The unit is designed to be powered by 24VAC input or by lithium battery. When 24VAC is supplied, the lithium battery enable the unit to work in case of power failure. Its features also include Min/Max memory which shows the highest and lowest temperature after the last reset and instant Fahrenheit to Centigrade conversion. The DS-60 is also ideal for any application that requires quick and accurate response to temperature change, an easy to read display and a wide temperature range.

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